Skin glow (party peel)

Skin that is bright and beautiful is a sign of good health. This is possible with the right lifestyle decisions and skincare routines. 

What are Party peels?

Party peels are the type of chemical peel that can be done a couple of days prior to party, wedding or social gathering.

The Party Peel is a professional process which uses gentle products to resurface the skin by removing the damaged layers and  dead layers. It gradually breaks the skin's outer coating revealing the regenerated, soft, hydrated and lighter skin immediately. This magnificent peel for biological revitalisation encourages regeneration and helps to slow down the aging effects while encouraging oxygenation.

These Peels are normally little different from the normal peels used for acne, wrinkles or pigmentation. The chemicals used for party peels are normally a little different from the normal pelts for acne, wrinkles or pigmentation.The goal is to provide glowing skin without causing any side effects like skin redness . It's quicker and very safe.You must seek help from a trained dermatologist for using party peel effectively.

Only a professional dermatologist like Dr.Rajdeep Mysore will properly evaluate the skin type and guide you in taking necessary precautions if required. Please feel free to schedule an appointment right now to get a glowing skin instantly!