Nail surgery (In-growing nails)

There are several skin conditions and other general conditions that affect the nail. The commonest among them are ingrowing toe nail and fungal infection of the nails.

Other skin diseases like psoriasis, lichen planus and eczema can also affect the nails. Some of these conditions can be treated with medication whereas some of them need lasers or surgical procedures

Surgery for in growing toe nail

Patients with recurrent in-growing toe nail and repeated nail infections (paronychia) require surgical procedures to avoid recurrence. Pus collection around the nail is known as paronychia and in-growing toe nail is one of the causes of paronychia. Removal of the in growth causes healing of the surrounding skin and resolution of the infection. Change in curvature of nail, flat foot and other disorders where weight balance of the foot is shifted more on the toes can cause in-growing toe nail. All these surgeries are performed by our specialised dermatosurgery team.