Permanent hair reduction

Unwanted body hair is often removed by old and painful methods such as threading, waxing or plucking which can causes rashes or pimple like marks due to in growth of the new hair. This condition is called pseudo-folliculitis. It can leave marks and cause itching and irritation. Other conditions like chronic superficial folliculitis, dark under arms, pilonidal sinus are also caused by unwanted body hair.

Laser hair reduction (removal) addresses all these medical conditions. It is also used for cosmetic reasons to have a smooth and shiny skin. It is a painless procedure with no downtime. It is safe and effective. We have state of the art Lego Laser system (first installation of Lego Laser in Bengaluru) to provide powerful laser energy that cannot be matched by lower end machines used in several cosmetic spa outlets. This laser technology also boasts of the latest triple wavelength technology to target both thick and fine hair. While being effective the laser is also safe for all skin types and comes with custom modes for different types of skin and different types of hair. Rather than providing the same treatment for all patients. Dr. Rajdeep Mysore makes tailor made treatments suitable for each skin/hair type to provide the best outcomes.