Hair transplant (Scalp, beard, eyebrows)

Hair transplantation is a procedure involving the transfer of individual hair follicles to shallow or bald parts, from one section of the body (donor site) to another (the recipient site).

The types of Hair transplantation are :

  1. Scalp hair restoration
  2. Beard transplantation
  3. Eyebrow transplantation

Scalp Hair transplantation

There are two methods of hair transplantation namely FUT and FUE

  1. What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

    FUT is the hair transplantation process, where the surgeon removes strips of donor skin to extract follicular units.The hair is removed from each follicle and the hair count is maintained intact.
  2. What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

    In FUE individual follicular units are taken directly from the scalp. This technique is suitable for most of the patients depending on a range of factors. This technique is painless and scarless.

Beard / Mustache transplantation

A beard / mustache transplant is a method to recover the hair in which the surgeon uses follicular unit extraction techniques (FUE) and instruments to transplant beard-hair from the scalp. Beard transplants can also be a re-construction or enhancement of the already developed beard / mustache process.

Eyebrow transplantation

People use mascara or other beauty products on a daily basis to provide the impression of deeper or fuller brows.But these beauty therapies don't have longer-term results. Although temporary causes of thin or sparse eyebrows may be corrected with dietary modifications, the hair does not always regrow on its own, so you may want to seek surgical surgery to recover the thickness of your brows.

Hair is taken from another region of the body and transplanted to the brow region during brow transplant surgery.Healthy follicles are obtained from the donor site, which is usually the back of the head, and transplanted to the required brow shape.

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