Gynaecology & Maternity

The Department of Maternity & Gynaecology is headed by a lady Gynaecologist & Obstetrician with more than 25 years of experience in order to provide specialist medical and surgical management for diverse types of gynaecological problems. At our hospital, we have a dedicated maternity wing with labour rooms. Here, we handle all cases with care like a mother & approach of a specialist, for both mother and baby.

Our Gynaecologist efficiently examines, advises, counsels & treats different gynaecological problems. She specialised in performing normal deliveries even in challenging situations. She is specially trained in management of diabetes in pregnant women (Gestational diabetes). We are blessed with all the latest facilities such as a modern labour theatre, operation theatre(for Caesarean Sections), neonatal resuscitation, incubators, open care systems, foetal monitors, general surgeon support etc. Further, backup support for ICU & NICU care is provided at our hospital.

We believe that the prevention of gynaecological diseases is the best. Regular woman screening, for instance, is vital for an early detection of the potential problems. We provide consultation services designed to promote primary prevention of gynaecology problems.

Dr. Chandrika


08026597027, 08041219013

With over many years of experience in the field, Dr. Chandrika serves as the best Gynaecologist at our hospital.