Chirag Institute of Proctology and Research Organisation, an off shoot of chirag hospital(Dr. Rajasekhar and Dr. Chandrika in 1996).

Established & lead by senior most proctologist in Karnataka - Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore is:

  • The FIRST exclusive technology driven proctology unit in Karnataka since 1998.
  • FIRST to establish IRC(Infrared Coagulation) as a primary modality of treatment in Karnataka >20years back.
  • FIRST to start RF in proctology in Karnataka.
  • FIRST to start DGHAL & RAR.
  • FIRST to use Neo-V Lasers in India.
  • FIRST to start free training to many (>60) surgeons in India, including one surgeon from Iraq.
  • FIRST to start VRS, as a compulsory tool in diagnosis, recording & patient education.
  • FIRST to start using ‘high end cloud based software’ for recording and retrieval of information.
  • FIRST to develop hi-tech tools in proctology(Antarnetra) pocket video androscopy.
  • FIRST to start ‘live proctology workshops’ demonstrating all new technology in the bastion of the learned (medical colleges).
  • FIRST to start mentorship programmes to aspiring proctologists and transform general surgeons to proctologist, to save patients from ‘quackery’.
  • FIRST to start charitable trust- ‘CHARITI’ for proctology, from own funds to help poor patients and research.
  • FIRST to associate and integrate Ayurveda, yoga and meditation in the mainstream proctology practice.
  • FIRST to unshackle proctology practice from conventional rituals. Doing away with enema, shaving, N.P.O., GA/SA, scrubbing, attire or questioning and doing away with untested tradition like days of admission.

CHIPRO is different and pragmatic. We have started mentorship programmes for qualified surgeons at different levels.

‘CHIPRO’ (Chirag Institute of Proctology and ResearchOrganization) with the main objective of research, promotion and training programs in proctology, has the following courses for qualified surgeons:

‘Inform’ation - 1 day.
‘Rerform’ation - 3 days.
‘Perform’ance - 6 days.
‘Transform’ation - 15 days.

See the difference in:

Dr. Manjunath Joshi: +91 9844886504.