An Ounce of Love is worth a pound of Knowledge. We help to create a better environment and reach out to help. With our full involvement, We help the affected people and provide all the support at the time of crisis. Health is not simply absence of disease. The disease-centric approach has to be replaced by health oriented practices. Though state of art treatment options are available, many people cannot afford it. To address these issues a charitable trust, CHARITI was started, with inclusion of like-minded people, to educate the public about importance of health and achieving it by simple daily practices and also financial assistance for treatment at the associated units. “Diseases do not discriminate between rich and poor! So should be the treatment” With this goal in mind, “CHARITI”, the charitable wing of Chirag Hospital, has charted out the following:- 1.To reduce the burden of diseases, ‘Health’ should be promoted, by educating people about the priority of health and how to go about 2. Innovative technologies in medical diagnosis and treatment, accessible to all 3.Financial help to the less privileged for treatment in the associated medical unit

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