How mental illness affects the family

Mental illness has an enduring effect not only on the patient, but on loved ones too. The ripple effect of the burden of illness can extend to the whole family.
But most often, the silent sufferers are the patient's care givers, the ones who helplessly watch someone they love go through pain, distress and inability to have a normal life.

It's hard to see them suffer and you may offer help or advice, and get frustrated that nothing you do can make it better.

In case of severe illness, the patient may be in a situation where they are unable to take care of themselves, and a parent or spouse or even a child becomes responsible for their daily survival.

It takes immense mental strength to go through a situation like this, and there will always be moments of despair.

If you are going through negative emotions as a result of having a family member suffering from a mental illness, or feel like you're unable to cope with the added demands of taking care of one, we are here to help.