Common signs and symptoms of mental illness


  1. Changes in mood and emotions, expression of suicidal ideas, self-harm
  2. Change in behaviour such as being socially withdrawn, aggressive, argumentative, irritable, reduced talking, excessive talking, socially inappropriate behaviour
  3. Change in eating and sleeping habits, self care, work and personal interests
  4. Severe symptoms like suspecting others of trying to kill them or talking about them, talking to self, laughing or muttering to self, staring look, complete loss of sleep, lack of judgement
  5. Memory issues, personality change, inability to perform daily activities


  1. Lack of interest in daily activities and hobbies, no joy from life, suicidal thoughts, crying spells

  2. Feeling on the edge, unable to relax, panic in normal day to day situations

  3. Frequent body pains, weakness

  4. Excess use of alcohol, smoking, drugs and being unable to control the use in spite of wanting to stop

  5. Neglect of work and social activities

  6. Sleep and appetite disturbance, weight gain or loss

  7. Sexual complaints

  8. Hearing voices, seeing things which aren't visible to others, feeling scared and paranoid, being unable to trust even close friends and family members

  9. Repeated thoughts or compulsion to do activities even though they are not reasonable, EG : repeated checking, counting, washing hands, taking bath for very long, preoccupation with cleanliness