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Happy Patients

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Years of service


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Surgeries Done

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Dr. Rajasekhar


Senior Proctologist

>35 years Experience

  • Specialist in Proctology and Anorectal surgeries.
    Rectal prolapse - surgery without opening abdomen region.

Dr. Chandrika



>35 years Experience

  • Specialist in Fertility to Delivery and Neonatal, Antenatal Care for High risk Pregnancies.

Dr. Rajdeep



>10 years Experience

  • Specialist in dealing with Skin, Nail, Hair & its diseases with Medical and Surgical aspects.

Dr. Manaswini



>5 years Experience

  • Specialist in Psychiatry dealing with treatment of Depression, Anxiety & other mental illnesses.

Dr. Srinivasa Murthy


General Surgeon

>30 years Experience

  •  Dr. Srinivasa Murthy is one of the Senior consultants & hospitals leading General Surgeon

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CHIRAG Hospital is best hospital for Piles Treatment in Bangalore Dr.Rajshekar ,Dr. Rajdeep Dermatologist is best.Even they have OBG unit rub By Dr.Chandrika .Doctor is good.Even DR.Manaswini,MBBS,MD -Psychiatrist very good..I recommend ..

Prasanna G

Best hospital for piles treatment.Dr Rajsekhar is excellent human being and a very good surgeon..All staff of Chirag hospital are well trained and very co operative..Thanks Chirag Hospital Team.

Umapani K

Dr.Rajshekhar is a very nice ethical doctor and so also Dr.Chandrika. It is because of Dr.Rajshekhar my senior citizen mother in law having comorbidities,sister in law got cured of covid.He showed us the way by consultation on whatsapp and senior citizen patient got cured at home.

Srinivasa Prasad

Consulted Dr. Manaswini.. She is very good doctor and received very useful guidance and tips from her during the consultation. The process of payment, taking appointment and arranging video call with doctor was seamless. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Anil Shenoy

Dr.Chandrika is well experienced and proficient. She ensures that the patient the patient feels comfortable and is sensitive to their health conditions. She observed minute details. She is also a good mentor and guide. Thank you Chandrika Ma'am

Madhura T.R

Good hospital, with very good Doctors. Simple & affordable hospital for everyone with not much fancy things.

Kasturi Ramanath

Dr.Rajdeep one of the best Cosmetologist in bangalore city. I took my wife for skin treatment. Thanks Dr.Rajdeep Mysore sr. ..Charma ,Chirag Hospital.

Ravi Kumar

Dr Chandrika maam is great doctor and also a wonderful human being. She gave very good advice upon scanning and helped very much in the uterus removal for my wife Geetha prasad. Chandrika maam is very hospitable and also highly professional. Everything went well for my wife under her guidance and supervision. Will always be obliged to her in my life. Thank you so much maam.

Ram Prasad

I visited Dr. Rajdeep, due to skin problem. I am happy with the treatment and hospital is very near by to me. Best doctor in JP Nagar.

Vijayalaxmi Gurikar

Dr.Rajasekhar has a sound knowledge of proctology and he explains in simple terms about how our pain and issue can be treated, his indepth knowledge of understanding the patient is laudable. A patient who comes with pain gets discharged with a smile on his or her face and feels relaxed. The entire team of Chirag are very cooperative and work towards the interest of patients. This hospital can be trusted while erasing pain under their roof. A big thanks to Dr.Rajasekhar who is patient friendly and makes the patient feel fully assured.

Ravi Kumar B.V

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Ans: Bunches of blood vessels in the anus called anal cushions, when enlarged/bleed are called Hemorrhoids/Pile

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Ans: Dermatologists are qualified to treat any problem affecting the skin(psoriasis, eczema, pimples, allergies, lichen planus), hair(hairloss, dandruff) or nails(in-growing nails, nail infections). We also treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs/VD) and Leprosy.

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Ans: It is the glucose intolerance with onset or 1st recognition during pregnancy

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