Health or Hell, choice is yours, gives an insight of 50 years of experience in the medical field by Dr.RAJASHEKAR, MYSORE. It reminds me of the saying of Plato, that the greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind. Yet the mind and body are one and should not be treated separately. In fact the definition of health by World Health Organization also indicates the same sense when they say health is physical, mental and social being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. As the author puts it, diseases do not discriminate between rich and poor so, there should not be any bias in the way patients are treated. We are responsible for our health. Everything else is secondary. The source of all disease is in mind, so is the cure. Lifestyle diseases are the result of our ignorance. However, it can be reversed with proper knowledge and practice.

In fact in the present day context, when the whole world is reeling under the pandemic of CORONA, the scientists and doctors all over the world are not uniform in their opinion about the cause of the disease or the treatment of the same. In fact the bulletins issued by the World Health Organization in the last 6 months are not only inconsistent but contradictory in terms of the origin of the disease, the way it is spreading and the remedy to cure it. Even they are unable to suggest a definite course of action to be followed by way of precautions/prevention. Therefore it has totally exposed the limitations of medical science. In the end as the author puts it, it boils down to improving immunity, educating people about prioritizing health & how to go about it and keep the environment clean and believe & practice in healthy habits. We are familiar with the saying that health is wealth but the author of this book goes one step further and declares health is not just wealth but everything. The author has made an honest attempt to prove his point and everyone who goes through this book leisurely would find truth in the said statement.

Dr. Justice N Kumar

NHCR Chair on human rights
Former judge, High court of Karnataka
Executive chairman, ICADR, Bengaluru

The book titled Health or Hell is a simple handbook to understand many topics related Health. The book is a collection of experiences of the author explained in first person in simple language
It is very interesting to note that book refers to fundamentals definitions on Health, Disease and Illness. It defines health as expression of life by linking it with Physical process, Chemical Process, Energy generation & distribution and Intelligence. This explains how we can control our health without being overly worried about the symptoms. The book clearly articulates the link between Health and Wealth by stating Health is the foundation of all careers and Health is the critical for all success. It also busts many myths related to diseases and health.
Another interesting fact is frequent comparison of various health topics with IT industry e.g. physical process compared with Hardware, energy process of life as software etc. It also brings out the ill effects of self-medication for long duration, using internet for identifying the diseases, wrong medication and over reliance of reports than intuition of the individual. It explains the element of Trust between Doctor and patient with examples from real life. The concept of "INERGY - Intelligence driven Energy" is interesting and how synchronization of INERGY and our body forms the foundation of Health.
It is "Do it yourself book" on Health which gives practical tips on when to start & stop treatment, how to look at Health holistically than just going with Reports and Tablets. It also cautions the readers in over reliance on one system of medicine recommends a system of medicine based on faith evidence and situation.
I would recommend young generation specifically IT, BT professionals as they can relate to things from their industry. By reading this book you clearly demonstrate "Health in your Hands" and not in the hands of a doctor. Book is simple read and simple definitions given the book helps everyone to understand the concepts well. This book can be bedtime reading book, but the messages from the book is something one can internalize and practice all through the day. I am lucky to have read the book ahead of many others and give the feedback. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sri Sheshadri

VP Infosys BPM

Health is more than mere wealth. We should guard this hidden capital. Not just guarding our health, but enhancing it positively should be every ones goal. Sadly, in these days and in practice, health care is reduced to treating illnesses or preventing diseases. If there is a finite resource for health services, half should be devoted to promoting health and the other half for either treatment or preventing illnesses. Promoting health lowers the burden from disease. Dr Rajashekhar illustrates this very wisely in this book on "Health or Hell" he has authored. Inergy should be what we have to enhance. There is a need to recognize the benefits of intelligent energy. How does one charge the battery in one's body? Clearly, each of us is empowered to do this. However, the operations could vary across individuals. Approaches from yoga thoughts have a measured mix of ingredients and the proportions of which need individualization. I was impressed that an allopath is speaking loudly about using yoga. Sir, your note on the freedom person should exercise to choose the system he/she has faith. Decision of choosing the system is also influenced by cultural sanctions, cost, availability, other than the nature of the presenting illness. I am not sure if respective health departments of each state have made an effort to educate the public in making a conscious informed choice. The health department's offer is modern medicine by default. This does not give the right to choose the system one wishes. Available medical practitioners can offer only one of the systems they have learnt. Have we sufficiently educated the public that they have choices and that is something they should exercise. Regarding the public as a receiver as regards health service is a serious lapse we need to recognize and correct. Falling ill, while unfortunate, has contributions from the state and individual. The book Health and Hell has a good blend of all inputs that should help the individual and health care provider. I am happy that the experienced doctor who wrote the book spoke from his heart. Every example and case illustration drives the point home. I am sure, Dr Rajashekahar is contemplating a newer edition of this book. I wish him the very best in this endeavor. Come, let's all work with health care system to rise the status of our society's health.

Prof. Padmashri Dr. B N Gangadhar

Former Director
Professor of Psychiatry
NIMHANS Bengaluru

I congratulate Dr Rajashekar for doing what the world really needs today "fixing the priorities of life and giving the road map to good health"
Health is not a commodity that can be purchased
Health is not a fixture that can be changed it's a dynamic , harmonious balance between the person and his world around a thought echoed by Seers of Ayurveda 4000 years back
This understanding seems to have come out of his keen observations , rich experience and the genuine empathy he has for his patients and concern about the dramatic changes in health care.
Each chapter is like a sage speaking - Wisdom of the ages through the chapters called sages
The introduction, Chapters ,Beacons, epilogue and nectars are well written .
It feels like a compassionate doctor is trying to teach us "look it's simple ,please don't overdo"
Look within instead of looking out all the time
The answers will come
This makes a good Handbook to all ,the confused patient and conscious health seeker. The most revolved species is being threatened out of its existence by the least evolved tiniest of organism on earth.

Dr. Ahalya S

Principal, Government Ayurveda Medical College, Bengaluru

The author of this book, Dr M Rajasekhar is a renowned & senior surgeon in Bangalore.
In this digital era, medical information is flooded with an unprecedented volume, yet clarity and wisdom still seem as rare as a desert in oasis.
This book overcomes all those problems, because of its simple narrative style and coupled with the author's clinical and personal experience, making it interesting, to read and practice.
Each chapter contains background information emphasizing core science, intended for each individual, to keep up their health.
The most interesting part of this book is 7 nectars. These Nectars summarize all the principles of health with a holistic approach. It is my hope and expectation that this book will provide an effective learning experience and referenced resource for all health professionals and for the general public.

Dilip Surana

CMD Micro labs limited

"This is a must read. I just can't imagine a Super Specialist Surgeon who is so conversant with the medical science writing this book unravelling health in such realistic and simple manner... the health aspects which we seem to be losing sight of in our busy and maddening world. A very compelling narrative laid out so pure and simple with a bounty of good insights devoid of medical jargons all boiling down and nudging you to choose the right thing... the road to health."

Srihari Beldona

Senior HR professional in a software MNC

Happy to know my good friend - Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore, has authored his first book on Health for lay man and professional colleagues.

He is the first writer who called the readers of the book as "authors". I am amazed to note the flow of thoughts, the format of writing, particularly nectar and beacons. This is definitely "Do it yourself" and "see it yourself" kind of book.

The author's way of breaking myths on health is the need of the hour. The examples quoted in the book are from the author's vast medical experience, wide travelling and meditation is appreciable. Overall it is a very good venture. I am sure this is the beginning of much more to come from him. Wish you all the best.

Prof. Dr. Anjanappa M H

Karnataka Rajyotsava awardee
Former professor of surgery
Former Medical Superintendent at KIMS, Bengaluru

Over the past 46 years, Dr. Rajasekhar has been one of the well versed and experienced surgeons in our country. The book that he has authored - "Health or hell... choice is yours" is not merely a book for diseases and medicines, but like "Bhagavad Gita" in the field of medicine. The language used in the book is easy to understand, attractive and poetic. The conversations between "source" and "resource" are very entertaining. The author has respected all other systems of medicine and as a doctor he also advises yoga to patients wherever indicated. He clearly explains what is health? What is a disease? Diabetes? Blood pressure? What is lifestyle? And many more questions have been answered.
Very great contribution Doctor. Hats off to your creative and meaningful, needy book.

Ganakalabhushana Dr. R K Padmanabha

Karnataka Padmashri Vidwan
Carnatic vocalist

You can be someone suffering from a disease, you can be a person anxious about your health, you can be a medical practitioner of any category or you may be just a health enthusiast, here is a book that makes you better. Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore takes the reader on a chariot with five horses - physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual (Mysore is known for horse chariots!). He narrates real-life instances to lucidly convey insights into wellness. There are no tongue-twisting medical words and refer-dictionary words that ensure a smooth and enriching reading. Stay away from this book if and only if you don't like health!

Dr. S N Omkar

Yoga practitioner and teacher &
Chief Research Scientist (CRS)
Department of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

I was fortunate getting opportunity to read the book Health or Hell. As Doctor Rajasekhar has narrated this is a collection of his knowledge, experience and most important self discipline of experimenting many of the solutions on himself before advicing be it food, sleep or life style change
It is written with passion, perseverance with the sole purpose of spreading happiness. The very foundation of this is health and how to enjoy life's. Journey is well narrated. I am personally indebted to him for his timely advice and his prescriptions of life style change.
This book is not a one time reading cover to cover, it needs to be enjoyed by repeated visits to already read pages, chewed and swallowed.
May the book serve the intended purpose of reaching as many as it can to bring healthy individuals to build healthy society

Sri G. Baburao

Former unit chief of an MNC Educationist

It's going to b a bit lengthy.Can't help it..such is the power of the book. Pl bear with me.I read it over and over again...searching for an answer to one question that most of us had in mind."why another book on health care"?
I found the answer..after reading the amazing book.The answer is a question all of us have to question our selves.yes friends all of us r Doctors but how many of us r Healers? This book speaks of caring, compassion,and knowledge of a well meaning person,a HEALER in true sense...and here to quote Bhagavat Gita...Cause and Effect..theory..
I see the CAUSE..is to heal a person,who READS it,imbibes it,and the Effect is this Book.This answers the existence of this fantastic book.
What caught my attention is the authors'bold proclamation that doctors have turned in to mechanics!!It's a sort of eye opener,a moral illumination for the medical fraternity when the author rightly says that doctors approach is technology oriented,and market driven,caring almost nothing when it comes to overall wellness of the individual.Beautiful mind set like this Rajasekar comes clear in every chapter as a person who possesses .clarity of mind,purity of heart,and Divinity of the soul..Yes I can't stop myself from saying only a evolved soul like Rajasekar's.alone will remove the doership,and call the reader as an author of this wonderful work. The prime purpose withwhich this book is written with such a clarity to the core..achieves it's goal.as the author has done his duty to his satisfaction and leaves the choice to the reader. It's definitely a life changing,pathfinder for a person who goes through it with a unbiased mind.It would certainly help many like me to upgrade their happiness,helpfulness and feeling of aliveness. Rajsekar my intension is not to praise u...for I have noticed praise sits lightly on your shoulders...Rajasekar your book is a boon ,a gift to humanity and u deserve special accolades from all ourclass mates .

Dr. G Lakshmi

Consultant - Allergy and Asthma clinic, Anna nagar, Chennai

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